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Another normal day for a Muck-truck  America mini-dumper. This is what most people picture when they see the machine for the first time.

However, after a customer purchases they soon learn that this little machine can do so much more than just carry dirt.

Muck Truck Motorized Wheelbarrows You can load the Muck Truck with a mini digger, unlike a conventional wheelbarrow which will just tip over and spill the load on the floor.
Muck Truck is not just a work-horse but it's also fun to use. You'll see... Muck Truck Motorized Wheelbarrows - Muck Truck USA
Max Truck Motorized Wheelbarrows - Muck Truck USA One of the most unusual uses we've seen is the Max Truck pictured here which is used to carry Fishing Rods from a house down to the Docks.
The Grand Canyons have used Muck Trucks since 2008, now they run a fleet of machines to carry 250-350lb stone steps to make the walkways safe for the visitors. The rocks are carried from the bottom of the canyon which can be upto 4miles from the top of the canyon. Max Truck Dumper Wheelbarrows - Muck Truck USA
 Muck Truck Powerlift - Muck Truck USA  Here's the Muck Truck powerlift in action at FPL where they are carrying electricity transformers weighing 850lbs.

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